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Rana Sabbagh
By Rana Sabbagh - Nov 30,2017
It is not often these days that the Arab states can claim a world-class innovation ahead of the West. But when it comes to fake news, we had it way before they did.
By Rana Sabbagh - Nov 30,2016
On a scorchingly hot day in August 2004, a group of Arab and Danish journalists sat around a fountain in the courtyard of an ancient Damascus house, sipping fresh lemonade to quench their thirst. They had no inkling of the war, the killing or the turmoil that would engulf th
By Rana Sabbagh - Nov 27,2015
Most top Arab TV presenters and journalists are remarkably candid these days about their survival kit: hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil.After a brief lull, brought about by the Arab Spring upheavals, they have decided to support their governments and rulers and serve as t
By Rana Sabbagh - Dec 04,2014
The lights of free speech are being steadily extinguished across the Arab world, heralding a new era of ignorance, intolerance and repression. Saddest of all, the majority of Arabs — who saw free speech as the only gain from the Arab Spring upheavals — now seem willi


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