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Rasha Salman
By Rasha Salman - Sep 06,2018
A quick tour of the globe today would show the traveller, in addition to the magnificent natural beauty and diversity we all like to enjoy, some very disconcerting images about the state of the world.
By Rasha Salman - Aug 02,2018
Large increases in world population, coupled with people’s movement from one place to another have been causing rapid increases in urbanisation. In 2015, more than half of the world’s population, close to 4 billion people, lived in cities.
By Rasha Salman - Jun 19,2018
One of the most important goals of development, any development, is to deliver returns to a people in a just and fair manner. Whether returns on their investment, on their efforts or their potential, everyone today expects, and is entitled to, fair and just return.
By Rasha Salman - May 23,2018
The changing economic development landscape in the world today forces policymakers to think in ever-more creative ways to harness growth potential.
By Rasha Salman - Mar 22,2018
When thinking of development, one’s mind tends to visualise industrial and economic progress and increases in wealth.
By Rasha Salman - Feb 24,2018
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to live without electricity?


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