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Richard N. Haass
By Richard N. Haass - May 04,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Joe Biden has been president of the United States for one hundred days, less than 7 per cent of the time he was elected to serve.
By Richard N. Haass - Jul 15,2020
NEW YORK — The global toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is enormous: more than a half-million lives lost, hundreds of millions out of work, and trillions of dollars of wealth destroyed.
By Richard N. Haass - Jun 15,2020
NEW YORK — The United States finds itself confronting several daunting challenges simultaneously. There is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed nearly 120,000 lives and shows little sign of abating in large swaths of the country.
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 04,2020
NEW YORK — After nearly two decades, 2,400 soldiers killed, another 20,000 wounded and as much as $2 trillion spent, the United States is understandably eager to withdraw from Afghanistan.
By Richard N. Haass - Jan 06,2020
NEW YORK — The United States emerged from the Cold War some three decades ago possessing a historically unprecedented degree of absolute and relative power.
By Richard N. Haass - Nov 19,2019
NEW YORK — Until just a few years ago, it looked as if the problem posed by nuclear weapons had been successfully managed, if not solved.
By Richard N. Haass - Oct 19,2019
NEW YORK — There are several reasons why US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from northern Syria, and leave the region’s Kurds vulnerable to neighbouring Turkey’s military incursion, was a terrible one.
By Richard N. Haass - Sep 15,2019
NEW YORK — Nearly everyone has seen the dramatic images of the Amazon ablaze.
By Richard N. Haass - Jun 16,2019
NEW YORK — US President Donald Trump’s administration has singled out Iran, even more than Russia, China or North Korea, with sustained pressure over the past two and a half years.
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 18,2019
NEW YORK — When last month’s summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended without a deal, the result was not surprising.



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