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Sundeep Waslekar
By Sundeep Waslekar - Dec 01,2018
The final phase of the conflict in Syria will be about the control of the Euphrates. The territory on the eastern side of the river is under the effective command of the YPG, the Kurdish armed group antithetical to Turkey.
By Sundeep Waslekar - Nov 14,2017
Until a few months ago, Daesh seemed invincible. Suddenly, from May to October, it lost most of its territory in Iraq and Syria.
By Sundeep Waslekar - Jan 18,2017
The changing of the guard on the 38th floor of the United Nations building in New York, with António Guterres taking over for Ban Ki-moon as UN secretary-general, has taken place at a time when notions about peace and conflict are undergoing a subtle change.In particular, the rol
By Sundeep Waslekar - Dec 02,2015
In December 2009, I met Walid Mouallem, foreign minister of Syria, in his office in Damascus, along with an eminent British politician. He rolled out before us his vision of a peace process with Israel in phases.He had two essential conditions.


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