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Wafa A. Alkhadra
By Wafa A. Alkhadra - Apr 11,2019
Globally, we have come a long way in changing the landscape of human rights and social justice; where we are currently in the conversation about gender balance is indicative of this advancement.
By Wafa A. Alkhadra - Feb 14,2019
Unemployment and underemployment are on the rise in Jordan.
By Wafa A. Alkhadra - Dec 31,2015
The results of a study just conducted by Lilian Halls, Amneh Helweh, Tara Wekhyan and myself on Jordan’s role in and impact on initiating a policy tool of the Euro-Med Ministerial Process (EMMP), which Jordan joined in 2006 for the purpose of strengthening the role of women in so
By Wafa A. Alkhadra - Mar 15,2015
The troubling conduct of many of our young people, such as reckless driving, littering and resolving differences on university and school campuses through violence, is an indicator of a lack of proper values in their upbringing. The recent incident at one of our universities, wh
By Wafa A. Alkhadra - Sep 14,2014
In tracking the global gender gap index from 2006, when it was first developed, up to 2014, one finds that gender disparity is still evident even in the most developed and progressive countries, which have worked for decades to close this gap in various spheres. Although there h


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