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Luminus Technical University College offers high-speed free internet connection to students

Apr 05,2020 - Last updated at Apr 05,2020

Luminus University Technical College has announced that it will be providing all its students with free high-speed Internet bundles to ensure maintaining the quality of the remote virtual educational process during the lockdown.

Luminus made it very clear how it puts welfare of its students as a priority by providing the necessary tools for those who do not own them, so that they can continue attending their lectures without an interruption.

In the words of heed that he expressed, Mr. Ibrahim Al Safadi, The CEO of Luminus Technical University College, said that Luminus is considered one of the first educational institutions to believe in the vital role of technology in the educational process.

Driven by this belief, we began to invest advanced learning technologies to develop a robust infrastructure three years back, in attempt to activate the “Virtual College project”, and this has helped us to cope swiflty with the unprecedent circumstances, and be able to switch to virtual education overnight. It is also worth mentioning, that  our entire academic staff have been professionally trained on how to deliver education  virtually according the highest global standards. He added.

This was forward-looking and believing of the importance of keeping up with the fast-evolving technologies and integrating them within our teaching approaches, which enabled Luminus to start the remote virtual learning process, originally scheduled to start in 2021, overnight, and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which helped to mitigate any adverse effects the current crisis might reflect on the course of the students’ educational process.

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