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Orange Jordan supports ‘I Learn’ initiative

Aug 12,2020 - Last updated at Aug 12,2020

Realising that education helps create generations that are capable of making positive change, Orange Jordan supported “I Learn” initiative’s campaign “Darsi Be Edak”, launched in partnership with Jordan Ice & Aerated Water Company- Pepsi Jordan and the Ministry of Youth.

Orange Jordan provided beneficiaries with telecom solutions, that included MiFi devices, supplied with SIM cards that are charged with internet bundles, to ensure they have access to Internet services while using tablet devices provided to them by Pepsi Jordan.

Through Orange Jordan and Pepsi’s support to people living in underprivileged and rural areas, students managed to continue their education online by relying on the free Internet bundles, offered by Orange Jordan, within the framework of Pepsi Jordan’s summer campaign, amid Covid-19 crisis. The company’s support is in line with its corporate social responsibility.

The “I Learn” initiative aims to encourage innovation and critical thinking by focusing on educating children, empowering youth, and enhancing social work in all governorates across the Kingdom.


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