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Second China-Jordan Friendship Dialogue kicks off in Beijing with youth focus

Dec 11,2023 - Last updated at Dec 11,2023

AMMAN — The second China-Jordan friendship dialogue was held on December 6, 2023 in Beijing under the theme "The 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative: The Times Make Dreams Come True, and the Youth Will Lead Us into the Future”. 

The dialogue was attended by more than 200 youth representatives from many countries, including China, Jordan, Sudan, and Egypt.

Liu Dawei, Vice President of China International Communication Group, noted that China andJordan, both with rich histories and brilliant cultures, are close friends for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and share a strong desire to draw on each other's strengths and collaborate with each other, as well as a vision of renewal. He hoped that the youth of both countries would shoulder their responsibilities with passion, deepen their understanding of each other and learn from each other. Through close cooperation, they work to be the witnesses of more peaceful and friendly relations between the two countries, the participants of mutual learning between civilisations, and the promoters of collaboration for win-win results.

Chen Chuandong, Chinese Ambassador to Jordan, said that both countries have been recognised as natural partners for the BRI and close mates in the common struggle for modernisation. He wished the youth of both countries to embrace grand visions and live up to the demands of the times, consistently contributing to the close friendship between the countries.

Hussam Al Husseini, the Ambassador of Jordan to China, said in his speech that the Memorandum of Understanding on jointly advancing the BRI recently signed by both countries in Amman has demonstrated the strong ties between the countries.

Samir Habashneh, Chairman of the Cultural Cooperation Committee between China and Jordan and the former Jordanian Interior Minister, expressed that the committee has been committed to the consolidation of mutually friendly exchanges in many fields, including culture, politics, economy, society, youth, and arts. He hoped that the event would strengthen the bond between the two friendly countries.

Ding Houwen, Director of the Corporate Culture Department of State Development & Investment Corp (SDIC), noted that as both countries embark on a new development journey, SDIC is willing to deepen exchanges and collaboration with Jordan in the fields of energy, minerals, foreign trade, and infrastructure construction. It aspires to hold hands with all Jordanian partners, including the Arab Potash Company (APC), to advance cultural, educational and artistic exchanges between the two countries, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and open up broad prospects for China-Jordan cooperation.

In the session of the poetry exchange, young people from both countries recited poems from the other country, demonstrating the beauty of the poems with enthusiasm.

At the Youth Roundtable, youth representatives from both countries in the fields of culture, education, medical care, economy and trade vividly shared their distinct experiences, observations, and insights during their cultural exchanges, contributing the strength of youth to the bond of both countries.

The event was hosted by the China International Communications Group, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), and the Cultural Cooperation Committee between China and Jordan, supported by the Chinese Embassy in Jordan and the Jordanian Embassy in China, co-hosted by the State Development & Investment Corp, and organised by the School of Arabic Studies of BFSU, Xufang International Media, and SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd.


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