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Civil society organisations make ‘united call’ call for ICC intervention in Shaikh Jarrah neighbourhood’s situation

By Maria Weldali - May 08,2021 - Last updated at May 08,2021

AMMAN — Parties, unions, women’s movements, civil society organisations, student and youth forces, are making a “united call” on the Jordanian government to fulfill its historical and legal responsibilities, through requesting intervention to the International Criminal Court (ICC).  

The calls were made as Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem are on the verge of being forcibly removed from their homes by Israeli settlers. 

“Amid the escalating situation in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood which is aimed at strengthening Israel’s hold over occupied Jerusalem, popular movements and any moral support is needed and positively influences Palestinians,” said Secretary General of the Jordanian Democratic People’s Party Abla Abu Olbeh in remarks to The Jordan Times on Saturday.

Abu Olbeh added that the Jordanian Foreign Ministry has spoken out strongly regarding the situation in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and has recently handed over documents proving Palestinian’s ownership of the properties and lands in the area.

She noted that the Israeli court does not have fair trail and impartiality standards when it comes to the rights and issues of Palestinians. 

“The executioner cannot be the judge,” according to the statement sent to The Jordan Times, which also read that an “impartial” international body is needed to clarify Palestinians right to remain in their homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, prevent forced displacement and ethical cleansing, stop violating the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Law, the international humanitarian law and Security Council’s resolutions regarding Jerusalem.  

“This signed statement brings together representatives of feminist movements, rights and civil society organisations, as well as unions and political parties, unifying their stance towards the ongoing situation in the Palestinian neighbourhood,” Sahar Aloul, founding member of the Jordanian Feminist Action (JFA), a local feminist collective, told The Jordan Times on Saturday.  

Aloul added that it is the government’s and institutions’, as well as people’s national duty to stand up for Palestinians.  

The 38 different actors that signed the statement, called on the Jordanian government to fully support the Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and most importantly to bring the case to the ICC, and not allow ‘in any way’ Israeli court to rule on it.   


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