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Jordan Bar Association says free legal services ‘not new’

By Suzanna Goussous - Oct 01,2015 - Last updated at Oct 01,2015

AMMAN  — The Jordan Bar Association (JBA) announced its decision to offer free legal help to residents who cannot afford to hire a lawyer or pay bar association fees, JBA President Samir Khirfan said on Wednesday.

The JBA, in cooperation with the Judicial Council, the Justice Ministry, and the National Centre for Human Rights, called on those who cannot afford a lawyer or the association to ask for help. 

“The association has been offering these free services since it was founded; this is not a new initiative nor is it the first time we have offered free legal help. However, several organisations and centres have been using our no-cost services and take the credit for them,” Khirfan said. 

“Those privately owned centres and organisations have been carrying out an illegal act so we had to publicise our free services,” he told The Jordan Times.

Under Article 100 of the Union Law, the association is required to offer legal and judicial help to those who can provide documents proving their need for financial support. 

Khirfan said that the announcement aims to bring about citizen awareness of the JBA’s free services and to encourage the government to fund the association.

He noted that many people who ask for help lack the financial resources required to hire a lawyer and to pay the fees.

“Many of those who have the right to hire a lawyer neglect their problems because they do not have the amount of money required, leading to more injustice against the less privileged.”

There are around 12,000 lawyers who are members of the association, 300 of whom have announced their willingness to help underprivileged people, according to Khirfan.


He added that a table of fees is to be issued “soon” to demonstrate the detailed pricing of each case. Those lacking funds will not be subject to these fees. 

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