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Jordan proves to be region’s voice of reason — analysts

By Mohammad Ghazal - Feb 25,2016 - Last updated at Feb 25,2016

AMMAN — The summit His Majesty King Abdullah held with US President Barack Obama this week “testifies to the credibility and balanced positions of Jordan” on regional crises and issues of global nature.

In particular, analysts referred in phone interviews with The Jordan Times to the Kingdom’s consistent stand on the Syrian crisis, advocating a political solution to restore stability in the neighbouring country.

The commentators added that Obama’s remarks following the White House meeting with His Majesty stressed the pivotal, positive and constructive role Jordan plays in pushing for peaceful means to resolve conflicts.

As world powers are currently pushing for a political solution to the Syrian five-year-old civil war, Jordan has repeatedly stressed that an American-Russian consensus is needed for a political solution to succeed in ending the cycle of violence.

“Jordan enjoys  high credibility globally, but in the Syrian case, no one listened carefully to what the Kingdom has been saying, as the King was the first to call for a political solution in Syria,” said Mohammad Al Tal, chief editor of Ad Dustour daily, adding that if the world had heeded the advice from the beginning, there would not have been the massive destruction that we see today in Syria.

Following his meeting with the Monarch in Washington, Obama said that he gave firsthand briefings to the King on conversations he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the cessation of hostilities agreement that was expected to go into effect Friday. 

Obama said if violence in Syria decreases over the next several weeks, it would be a basis to elongate the ceasefire in the north and south and “allow us to move forward on the political transition that ultimately is going to be necessary to bring an end to the civil war in Syria”.

“The US is keen to coordinate with Jordan, which is a key ally for the country in the region. In addition, Jordan is directly affected by the situation in southern Syria and Obama’s keenness to brief the King on discussions with Putin stresses Jordan’s key role in the situation and an understanding of Jordan’s concern for its security,” Al Tal added.

Jawad Anani, former Royal Court chief and several-time minister, said: “Obama could not have said anything better on the relationship with Jordan,” adding that the timing of the summit meeting was very significant, when Jordan is playing an influential role in addressing an array of regional issues with a global impact. The increasing support Washington is extending to Amman is an indication that the Americans appreciate whatthe country is doing. 

Tareq Momani, chief editor of Al Rai daily, said Obama stressed the   US’ continued support to Jordan and recognition of the Kingdom’s relentless efforts to fight terrorism and generosity in opening its doors for Syrians fleeing the violence in their country.

“Whether it’s fighting ISIL [Daesh], reducing the violence in Syria and trying to get that country on track for political reconciliation, trying to bring Israelis and Palestinians to recognise their shared interest in peace — on all these issues, our countries have been in sync,” said Obama in remarks to the press after Wednesday’s meeting.

“Obama clearly referred to His Majesty’s efforts in pushing for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis at a time that the issue is overshadowed by regional developments,” Momani said.



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