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Jordanian detainee in Israeli prisons loses consciousness after ‘extreme’ physical assault

By Mays Ibrahim Mustafa - Dec 11,2023 - Last updated at Dec 11,2023

Representative image (Photo courtesy of unsplash)

AMMAN — A Jordanian detained at Israeli prisons has lost consciousness upon undergoing “extreme” physical assault, according to the National Committee for Jordanian Captives and Missing Persons in the Israeli Occupation Prisons. 

Speaking with The Jordan Times, the rapporteur of the committee Fadi Farah, noted that the family of the detained Jordanian, Ammar Hwaitat, has reported that he is suffering from “severe” injuries in his upper body, including broken ribs, in addition to an infection in his hand due to physical abuse. 

Before he was assaulted at Meggido prison on November 16 by fifteen jailers, Hwaitat was transferred from Ofer Prison to solitary confinement in Salmon Prison, said Farah. 

He added that Hwaitat was only transferred to the hospital once his health began to deteriorate after suffering from his injuries for twelve days without receiving any medical care. 

A state of “discretion” is surrounding the current condition of the Jordanian Hwaitat and the fate of other captives at Israeli prisons, Farah noted. 

He added that all captives at Israeli prisons have been experiencing “extremely difficult”living conditions since October 7; they are subjected to physical assault and starvation, in addition to being deprived of visits from family members, lawyers and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). 

Farah said that the Israeli occupation forces are taking revenge on the “resistance” fighters in Gaza through the captives held at their prisons, who are “undergoing a vicious attack, with complete disregard to their basic human rights”. 

Israeli media recently reported that six Palestinian prisoners have died in Israeli prisons during the ongoing war on Gaza, either from medical neglect or physical abuse. 

There are currently 20 Jordanian captives at Israeli prisons, according to the National Committee for Jordanian Captives and Missing Persons in the Israeli Occupation Prisons. 

The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sufian Qudah said that Hwaitat was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2002, Al Mamlaka TV reported on Saturday evening. 

Qudah added that the Embassy of Jordan in Tel Aviv has submitted a formal request for Israeli authorities to visit Hwaitat and ensure that he’s receiving the needed medical care. 


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