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Kingdom-wide distribution of basic necessities to begin on Tuesday

Commodities to include bread, water, medication

By JT - Mar 23,2020 - Last updated at Mar 23,2020

Delivery of basic necessities, including bread, water, infant formula and medicine, will begin on Tuesday morning across Jordan, according to Minister of Labour Nidal Bataineh (Photo by Amjad Ghsoun)

AMMAN — Distribution of bread, water, infant formula, medicine, gas and diesel across the Kingdom will begin on Tuesday, Minister of Labour Nidal Bataineh said on Monday.

Speaking on the "Sawt Al Mamalaka" TV programme, Bataineh said that water and bread will be delivered by Greater Amman Municipality vehicles and bottled water delivery trucks in Amman from 9am to 5pm, while across the other governorates, water and bread will be delivered via buses.

Supply and production chains have started operations, he added, highlighting that the Kingdom’s reserve is “sufficient”.

“We will reach each and every home, and gradually we will deliver other basic commodities,” he added.

As for beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund, mayors of municipalities are responsible for distributing their bread, he added.

Regarding the mechanism for packaging the bread, the minister said that each package will contain 3 kilogrammes for JD0.96, adding that bakeries will start work at dawn.

As bakeries resume work, they will not sell directly to citizens, he said, warning that any violations or abuses will lead to a shutdown of the establishment. 

Commenting on other basic commodities, Bataineh said that frozen chicken, eggs, sugar, rice and tobacco will be provided starting on Thursday, noting that operations of this service will expand gradually.

“Next week, services with delivery companies will be activated to deliver commodities to homes, with a maximum delivery fee of JD2,” he added.

Calling on people to stay indoors according to curfew guidelines, he added: “We will try to reach the doors of the homes directly to prevent wandering on the streets, which goes against the curfew order.”

Also on Monday, Amman Mayor Yousef Shawarbeh said that bread will be delivered via buses operated by Amman Modern Vision for Transportation Company and 65 buses operated by Al Mutakamilah Transport Company.

He noted that the vehicles will not reach all areas of Amman in a single day.

The buses are sterilised, he said, adding that service providers meet public safety requirements.   

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