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Maan wedding turns tragic after groom killed by celebratory gunfire 

By Mays Ibrahim Mustafa - Sep 01,2023 - Last updated at Sep 01,2023

People attend the funeral of Hamzeh Al Fanatseh, who was killed by a stray bullet on his wedding day, in Maan on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of PSD Facebook page)

AMMAN — Thousands gathered in Maan on Wednesday evening to participate in the funeral of Hamzeh Al Fanatseh, who was killed by a stray bullet on his wedding day. 

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday and is currently under investigation, according to the Public Security Directorate (PSD). 

The PSD issued a sharply toned statement on Wednesday mourning the loss of Fanatseh, who was a policeman, and urging citizens to join in its efforts to put and end to this “deadly habit”. 

The PSD said that anyone who has ever fired a gun during a celebration, claiming it as an act of “manhood” or a manifestation of joy, has helped promote this “deadly habit”, and is complicit in the killing of Fanatseh. 

The statement recounted previous incidents when celebratory gunfire led to the death of innocent bystanders. It stressed that silently bearing witness to such actions and failing to report them makes one an accomplice to the crime. 

Many took to social media platforms, sending prayers to the late groom’s family and calling for more stringent penalties for those who use firearms in public celebrations. 

“My heart aches for this young man, although I don’t know him… when will this terrible tradition end?,” Facebook user Jumana Murad wrote. 

“I am overwhelmed by sadness over this young man… I can’t imagine what his mother or bride must be feeling,” Jamal Zu’bi wrote on Facebook, promising to report anyone who uses firearms in weddings or any other celebration. 

“I have been hearing about such incidents since I was a little girl and I am sick of it … The toughest sanctions must be enforced on those who take part in ‘celebratory’ gunfire with complete indifference to the lives of others,” wrote Facebook user Faten Al Houri. 

Article 330 of the Penal Code mandates up to three months of imprisonment, a JD1,000 fine, or both penalties for the unauthorised use of firearms or explosives. Speaking with The Jordan Times, lawyer Sakhr Khasawneh explained that if the act results in someone’s death, the perpetrator will be punished by hard labour for a period of no less 10 years. 

Psychiatrist Alaa Al Froukh told The Jordan Times that in addition to tightening sanctions, putting an end to “celebratory” gunfire requires every single member of society to “step up” by boycotting and reporting any celebration that involves gunfire. 

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