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MP dissuades another Jordanian woman from joining Daesh

By Raed Omari - Dec 09,2015 - Last updated at Dec 09,2015

AMMAN — MP Mazen Dalaeen, whose son was killed earlier this year fighting alongside Daesh, has succeeded in rescuing a second Jordanian woman before she fell prey to the terror group.

“I received a call from relatives of the woman telling me that their daughter had already flown to Istanbul to travel from there to Daesh-controlled territories in Syria,” Dalaeen said.

“I immediately informed the Jordanian embassy in Ankara to take action,” he told The Jordan Times.

Dalaeen, without giving further details, said that Turkish authorities kept the woman in custody for some time before she was sent back to Jordan recently.

In October, Dalaeen dissuaded a 25-year-old Jordanian woman from joining Daesh through extensive contacts with her via WhatsApp. 

Earlier this year, his 23-year-old son, Mohammad, was reported killed after blowing himself up in a suicide attack in Iraq’s Anbar province.

Dalaeen said his son left his medical school studies in Ukraine in June, when he was persuaded by Daesh to head for Turkey and then infiltrate Syria to join them. He then moved to Iraq.

After succeeding in bringing the first woman back to Jordan, the Karak lawmaker said he has since become a target of Daesh.

“Two days ago, they [Daesh] threatened me by sending a previously recorded video of my son, calling Jordanian MPs ‘apostates’.”

“It was clear in the video that my son was not himself at all. I know his facial expressions and body language when he is afraid of something. My son said what he said and did what he did either because he was brain-washed, deceived or threatened,” the deputy noted.

Dalaeen said he has taken it upon himself to protect young people from the false propaganda of Daesh. “I will be relentless in fighting this deviant organisation.”

“I have been giving lectures at universities and youth centres, explaining to young people the false propaganda of Daesh and its deviation from the true essence of Islam. I will continue to do so. I don’t want them to make the same mistake my son did.”


“These people [Daesh] are not easy. They have several methods to reach out to the youth and brainwash them. They primarily target religious youth through the Internet and smartphones. They never give up and we should not,” Dalaeen stressed.

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