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Prince Hassan calls for ‘global patriotism’ across borders

By Dana Al Emam - Oct 02,2014 - Last updated at Oct 02,2014

AMMAN — Peoples of the world have to stand in solidarity with each other, HRH Prince Hassan said on Thursday, calling for a "global patriotism" that goes beyond borders.

"We have to live within the context of the culture of our region, and what is more important is to develop… a template of hope," the prince said at a book launch organised by the Polish embassy and Al Rai Centre for Studies.

He highlighted the need to move from devastating wars to peace.

"The achievements of the Polish people need to be looked at, as we look at seven Arab countries, all of which have been directly involved in devastating wars with devastating consequences," Prince Hassan said at the event.

"If we continue to destroy each other the way we do, then it is very clear that we are going to move rather rapidly from believing, to hoping, to the inevitable breakdown of all hopes, to pessimism." 

He underscored the region's need for a clear definition of the peace process, noting that peace is multi-directional and starts with inner peace and "peace between peoples".

The book launched at the ceremony, titled "Poland-Visegrad Group- Jordan", includes research papers submitted at two conferences organised by the embassy in December last year and in May: “Poland-Jordan: Stability in West Asia – North Africa Region”, and “Visegrad Group: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary — Jordan: Successful Beneficiaries of NATO and EU Heritage”, respectively.

It was edited by Polish Ambassador Krzysztof Bojko and Al Rai Centre for Studies Director Khaled Al Shogran.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic make up the European Visegrad Group, also known as the Visegrad Four.

The countries work together in fields of common interest, drawing from their shared culture and history. 

Prince Hassan voiced hope that the positive experience in reform movements of the Visegrad Four would inspire the region's countries.

Bojko said the book — published on the occasion of Poland's 25th anniversary of gaining sovereignty, the 15th anniversary of its joining NATO and the 10th anniversary of its EU membership — seeks to deepen Jordanian-Polish relations and influence relations between Jordan and its partners in the EU.

He said Jordan's efforts towards achieving democratic reform and improving its citizens' quality of life are similar to Poland's, praising the Kingdom's "outstanding relations" with the EU, Arab countries and the international community.

"Jordanian armed forces are involved in peace missions around the world," he said at the launch, held at Al Rai Centre for Studies.

The ambassador described the Kingdom's foreign policy as "moderate and respected".

Commenting on Jordan's role in facing the region's challenges, especially the Syrian crisis, Bojko said Jordan in the Middle East and Poland in Eastern Europe support all activities and transformations aiming for stabilisation and democratisation in their regions.

Speaking as a representative of a Visegrad member state, Ambassador of Hungary Bela Jungbert said the book summarises the group's priorities and views concerning regional integration.

Describing Jordan as "an island of peace and stability", the diplomat said the Visegrad Four are ready to offer their experiences on the political level to Jordan to demonstrate the result and efficiency of their integration.

"In the future we will not have an opportunity with other neighbours as Iraq and Syria to create such sub-regional integration forms," he noted. 

Also speaking at the event, Jordan Press Foundation Chairman Samih Maaytah said cooperation is part of human nature, highlighting the role of cooperation between countries in building civilisations and exchanging expertise.

"A positive country is that which builds cooperation networks with others… in order to serve its people and grant them decent lives and to achieve comprehensive development," added Maaytah, a former minister of media affairs.

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