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Prince Hassan reiterates calls for int'l Zakat fund

By JT - Sep 29,2019 - Last updated at Sep 29,2019

HRH Prince Hassan speaks during the inauguration of an international conference on Islam in the West on Sunday in Amman (Photo courtesy of Prince Hassan’s office)

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, chairman of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies’ board of trustees, on Sunday inaugurated an  international conference titled “Islam in the West — A Question of Integration and Active Citizenship” in Amman.

The event, organised by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation, was attended by a number of Islamic scholars and Christian religious figures, as well as intellectuals and ambassadors from various Arab and foreign countries, a statement from the Prince’s office said.

In his speech, the Prince highlighted Islam’s core values of justice, kindness, wisdom and mercy, noting that joint knowledge and foundations of education contribute to enhancing humanitarian values and creating a better understanding of others’ concerns and fears, which in turn entrench a sense of sympathy.

Prince Hassan shed light on the importance of dialogue and of discussing commonalities, “away from prejudice, biases and closed thinking”.

The prince called for discussion on “intercultural connection and a trajectory towards creativity through enhancing multilateralism built on mutual respect”.

“There are European institutions working on building bridges and laying a mutual foundation; we must forge relations with them founded on mutual respect and set visions that seek to further a culture of empowerment,” he said.

Prince Hassan reiterated his call for an international Zakat fund to enhance ideals of humanitarian and social solidarity and dignity.

Regional Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Dirk Kunze said that “Islam has become a component of the West”, noting the conference’s significant contribution to shedding light on Islam’s humanitarian values.

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