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UN praises ‘exemplary’ refugee host country Jordan on centennial

By Batool Ghaith - Apr 11,2021 - Last updated at Apr 12,2021

A view of Azraq Camp, around 100km from Amman in the eastern desert (JT file photo)

AMMAN — Being the second largest host of refugees per capita in the world, Jordan has been “an exemplary host country” for refugees for the past years, providing safety and security to those who need it the most, according to the United Nations in Jordan.

The United Nations in Jordan extended greeting to the Kingdom on the occasion of the centennial of the establishment of the Jordanian state.

The partnership between the United Nations and Jordan is a long-standing one.

“The Kingdom has been and will remain a critical partner to us, and it continues to play a vital role in the Middle East and to the peace and security of the region,” according to a UN Jordan statement sent to The Jordan Times.

The Kingdom joined the United Nations in 1955. Today, the UN in Jordan provides quality and innovative humanitarian and development support to the country and its people through more than 20 UN agencies, funds and programmes. 

 “Historically, Jordan has been very generous and welcoming of refugees from neighbouring countries. Among others, Jordan hosts Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees,” UN Jordan said.

 Addressing the needs of refugees and migrants has placed growing pressures on Jordan's infrastructure and public services at a time of constrained public resources. It has also made Jordan a key strategic partner to the international community, which continues to provide high level of aid to support both refugees and Jordanian host communities.

“Going forward, we will continue to work in support of the government of Jordan, through government-led processes and systems. We’ll continue our work to address gender-based violence, support and protect workers, and expand social security and social protection, as needed. Importantly, youth, women and the most vulnerable people will continue to be at the centre of our efforts,” UN Jordan highlighted.

The UNHCR in a statement indicated that Jordan has 1 refugee for every 11 citizens.

 “Since the inauguration of the UNHCR office in Jordan 30 years ago for the sake of Iraqi refugees, we have been working side by side with the Jordanian authorities in the service of refugees in the Kingdom, today Jordan hosts 754,000 refugees of various nationalities,” the statement said.

“The most prominent of Jordan’s endless humanitarian situations is what we have witnessed since the beginning of the Syrian crisis until now, which is considered the world’s largest refugee crisis in human history since the World I. Over a period of 10 difficult years, Jordan’s doors remained open to Syrian refugees and this generosity extended to opening some sectors in the labour market for them to benefit from their experiences and in order to support the wheel of the national economy,” according to the statement.

The UNHCR reinforced the Jordanian effort in including the refugees in the national plan for responding to the coronavirus in terms of treatment, follow-up and vaccination.

The agency expressed its gratitude to Jordan’s efforts in protecting the vulnerable over the past years. 


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