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Teams aim for Jordan Cup final

By Aline Bannayan - Dec 14,2017 - Last updated at Dec 14,2017

AMMAN — Shabab Urdun play Wihdat on Friday while Faisali play Jazira on Saturday in the return leg of the Jordan Cup semis — the third major competition on the 2017/18 football calendar.

As they head into the return leg, the first leg winning teams have the upper hand as Jazira upset Faisali 2-0 while Wihdat edged Shabab Urdun 1-0. 

In the first round, Pro League teams  played in four groups with the top team moving to the semis. (Group A): Aqaba, Jazira, Ramtha; (Group B) Hussein, Yarmouk, Wihdat; (Group C):Baqa’a, Faisali, Ahli; (Group D): That Ras, Shabab Urdun, Manshieh.  Jazira topped Group A, Wihdat led Group B, Faisali topped Group C and  Shabab Urdun topped group D.

So far this season, Jazira lost two competition finals as reigning League and Jordan Cup champs Faisali beat Jazira 2-1 to win the 35th Jordan Super Cup, while Wihdat beat Jazira 2-0 to win the Jordan Football Association Shield final.

Since the Cup started in 1980, there have been 37 editions with Faisali being a record 19 time champions. Wihdat won 10 times, Ramtha and Shabab Urdun twice each, while Jazira, Arabi, That Ras and Ahli won once each.

Last year, Faisali combined the Jordan Cup title with their 33rd league title. Ahli won the 34th Super Cup while Shabab Urdun won their second Shield title after they first won in 2007. 


Jordan Cup record 

(Runner-up in parenthesis)


1980 Faisali (Baqa’a)

1981 Faisali (Ramtha)

1982 Wihdat (Ahli)

1983 Faisali (Ramtha)

1984 Jazira (Ahli)

1985 Wihdat (Faisali)

1986 Arabi (Jazira)

1987 Faisali (Hussein)

1988 Wihdat (Faisali)

1989 Faisali (Ramtha)

1990 Ramtha (Hussein)

1991 Ramtha (Wihdat)

1992 Faisali  (Wihdat)

1993 Faisali (Ramtha)

1994 Faisali (Ramtha)

1995 Faisali (Ramtha)

1996 Wihdat (Ramtha)

1997 Wihdat (Ramtha)

1998 Faisali (Wihdat)

1999 Faisali (Wihdat)

2000 Wihdat (Faisali)

2001 Faisali (Hussein)

2002 Faisali (Hussein)

2003  Faisali (Hussein)

2004  Faisali (Sh. Hussein)

2005 Shabab Urdun (Faisali)

2006 Shabab Urdun (Faisali)

2007 Faisali (Shabab Urdun)

2008 Wihdat (Shabab Urdun)

2009 Wihdat (Arabi)

2010 Wihdat (Manshieh)

2011 Faisali (Manshieh)

2012 That Ras (Ramtha)

2013 Wihdat (Baqa’a)

2014 Faisali (That Ras)

2015 Ahli (Shabab Urdun)


2016 Faisali (Jazira)

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