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Karak in the heart of Jordan

Dec 19,2016 - Last updated at Dec 19,2016

Sunday’s terrorist attack in the southern Governorate of Karak were one more occasion for the Jordanian people to demonstrate their unity and trust in their leadership and security forces.

As soon as news broke out that a terrorist group was hiding in the 12th century Karak Castle, in the heart of this southern city, citizens started to pour towards the fortress in droves, in an attempt to help the security forces’ efforts to flush out the terrorist group by whatever means at their disposal. 

They were also extending a helping hand to visitors trapped in the castle, one of the biggest in the region, and mobilising to donate blood to those injured in the shootout.

Later in the evening, people gathered at the gates of the fortress, chanting slogans in support of the army, security forces and the country’s leadership.

Their protest against criminal groups and shows of support were replicated by Jordanians from all over the country, who also rushed to donate blood and expressed great anger at attempts to target Jordan’s security.

By press time Sunday, as news said that the attacks left 10 dead — including seven members of the security forces, two Jordanian citizens and a Canadian national, not counting the four terrorists — demonstrations of support and expressions of solidarity with Karak and security forces were pouring in from various parts of the Kingdom from Jordanians from all walks of life, all political backgrounds and affiliations.

The attack, which started earlier Sunday in the town of Qatraneh, north of Karak, come as a reminder of the tough situation most of the region goes through and of the threats facing countries near and far.

Jordan has been effectively fighting terrorism for years, individually as well as alongside allies in an international coalition. 

Its greatest success has been to safeguard its internal front, the cohesion of its people, as well as its stability and security.

These achievements do not please terrorist groups who will, no doubt, continue to target the country and its allies, as no place around the world proved to be immune from the danger of terrorism.

But to their disappointment, the Jordanian people get more cohesive at times of hardship, when their country is targeted. This was the case on Sunday.

All Jordanians lined up to express support for the King, the army and security forces, and to denounce attempts at destabilising the country.

On Sunday, the eyes of all Jordanians were fixed on Karak, watching how Karakis came as one to aid security forces.

They also prayed for the souls of those who fell while attempting to protect their country, for the fallen innocent civilians and for the safety of all those attempting to defeat the terrorists ensconced in the Crusader fortress.

Karak once more brought all Jordanians together, sending the clear message that terrorists will not win in Jordan. 

Jordanians hope that terrorism will be soon defeated everywhere.


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