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Jun 09,2020 - Last updated at Jun 09,2020

Jordan on Tuesday marked the 21st anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah’s coronation, a glorious occasion to celebrate the nation’s steward and the Kingdom’s progressive journey.

This year, the national occasion comes at a time when the world is under the grip of the coronavirus pandemic and the nation is emerging from a rigorous but effective lockdown.

Illustrating exemplary leadership, His Majesty has stood with his people and reassured them during the crisis. With timely, clear and consistent directives, the King has forged a safe path for the nation to emerge from the pandemic relatively unscathed. 

During this past year, the Kingdom witnessed a shining moment reaffirming its resoluteness when His Majesty announced the end of the annexation of Baqura and Al Ghamr and the imposition of complete Jordanian sovereignty over every inch of them.

Since his coronation on June 9, 1999, the King has focused on enhancing the Kingdom’s capabilities as a modern nation, taking the country on a comprehensive democratic reform path. Despite a scarcity of natural resources, the King has focused on investing in Jordan’s human resources and innovation as means to overcome the challenges it faces. 

Democracy and the rule of law have taken further root in the nation’s social and political landscape over the past two decades.

Meanwhile, as a peace-affirming leader, His Majesty has been adamantly championing religious diversity and harmonious coexistence. 

King Abdullah’s initiative for World Interfaith Harmony Week, which was endorsed by the UN General Assembly in October 2010, reflects Jordan as a real model for harmony.

Fighting terrorism and extremism tooth and nail, Jordan, under His Majesty’s leadership, is at the forefront of global efforts within a holistic approach regionally and internationally. Despite incessant regional turbulence, Jordan remains an oasis of peace and stability.

Under His Majesty’s reign, the Kingdom has made giant strides in education, higher education, poverty eradication and gender equality.

Meeting with members of local communities in their respective areas and participating in the development of strategies to improve their living conditions is a common feature of His Majesty’s approach. 

On regional and international fronts, despite the pandemic-induced restrictions, King Abdullah has, as always, maintained close contact with key political, business, academic and religious figures to continue to promote peace, security and opportunities for progress and prosperity.

He has been a forerunner on the global stage calling for unity to challenge the pandemic and its economic impact.

Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah, continues its historic custodianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, preserving the Arab identity of the city of Jerusalem as the future capital of Palestine.

His Majesty has been continuously underlining the centrality of the Palestinian issue and the need to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in accordance with the two-state solution in a manner that guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Despite prevalent economic strains, the Kingdom has opened its doors for waves of incoming refugees, continuing the Hashemite legacy of compassion, mercy and respect for others.

The nation salutes its leader His Majesty King Abdullah on this milestone occasion, thanking him for his outstanding leadership and wishing him continued good health and success in all his endeavours for Jordan’s good. 


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