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A window of opportunity

Oct 04,2019 - Last updated at Oct 04,2019

At last, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the teachers’ strike, which ended on Thursday. The Supreme Administrative Court made the bold decision to order teachers to return to work or be held in contempt of the court.  This ruling offered the two sides an opportunity to end the four-week strike.  

The Jordan Teachers Association adhered to the court order and now, the two sides have to work energetically to save what is left of the school year, as students must be anxious to return to their classes and resume their studies. 

Putting students’ right to education at risk for so long is a serious violation of the Constitution. 

Such a grave process should have never taken place, but now that it has, and the judiciary has intervened to end it, this is a good opportunity to restore normal relations between teachers and the government. 

The two sides must work wholeheartedly and with full force to avoid a future crisis of this magnitude. They need to agree on a way to avoid reaching a point of no return. 

The teachers meant well, and so did the government. The teachers claim that the government offered them a 50-per cent pay raise, and this claim needs to be investigated to the satisfaction of both sides. However, now is not the time to escalate tensions, but rather search for amicable ways to end the crisis. Students and parents would certainly welcome this turn of events. 


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