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Aug 02,2021 - Last updated at Aug 02,2021

In February, the government announced a one-year national plan for the kingdom’s celebrations of the centenary of its founding. This plan aims to shed light on the kingdom’s achievements over the first century since its independence. The Ministry of Culture announced that the centenary celebration plan includes 10 scientific conferences in Jordan dealing with scientific and research development in several fields. Therefore, as part of the country’s centenary celebrations, the American Chemical Society-Jordan Chapter organised its first research forum with the participation of many Jordanian university professors, which was held on July 7th this year.

Furthermore, as Jordanian citizens, we are all proud and hold our heads high to be among the ranks of this generation that is witnessing this important historical development. Celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state is a national and historical occasion that is dear to all of us as it represents a story of struggle, sacrifice and building. The Jordanian state centenary is an opportunity to evoke the achievements of our forefathers, to recall the heroics of our martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the rise and strength of our dear homeland. It expresses the nation’s glory, the wisdom of its leadership and we have to be proud of what has been already achieved. The Jordanian state has proven its ability to withstand all the challenges it has faced during the past 100 years. Therefore, we should be proud of what has been achieved, which reflects the greatness of the nation and the wisdom of its leadership. 

This celebration is a great opportunity for us to continue working for the future, reinforce our values and continue achieving new goals, and support the values of leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity. It was necessary for us to recall the achievements of Jordanian researchers in our dear homeland. This forum is a celebration of the researchers’ achievements and is a valuable step for exchanging experiences and knowledge and an opportunity to work on the establishment of research groups among Jordanian scientists.

The American Chemical Society-Jordan Chapter strives to promote scientific research among our scholars and students. The association aims to give our students a strong foundation to build a generation that is equipped with science and knowledge and build a scientific mind that helps develop our country and reflects the lofty and supreme values on which the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was founded. Our celebration represented a great opportunity to promote research achievements in Jordan. And enrich the content of national research. We are always looking forward to collaborative and interdisciplinary research and collegial interaction to build solid scientific research partnerships between Jordanian researchers.

The renaissance of Jordan will continue, God willing, under the Hashemite banner and the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, with the determination of his faithful Crown Prince His Highness Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah, may Allah (God) protect them.


The author is a chair-elect of American Chemical Society-Jordan Chapter.


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