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King Abdullah's visit to DC a crucial moment for the Palestinian cause

Feb 15,2024 - Last updated at Feb 15,2024

On February 12, His Majesty King Abdullah met with President Joe Biden at the White House, marking his fourth official visit to Washington, DC, and the first for an Arab leader since the breakout of the Hamas-Israel war on October 7. This meeting holds immense significance as it comes at a critical juncture for the Palestinian cause. King Abdullah took the opportunity to reaffirm Jordan's unwavering support for Palestinian brothers and sisters and called on the international community to fulfill Palestinians’ just and legitimate rights by establishing an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state along the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Emphasising the need to preserve the chances of peace based on the two-state solution, King Abdullah highlighted the imperative to halt all Israeli violations. The King warned of the ramifications of continued attacks on Gaza, including the proposed assaults on Rafah province, describing such confrontations as dire to Gazans and the whole region.

Some American politicians who expressed their opinion regarding King Abdullah’s comments saying that it is crucial to prioritise peaceful dialogue, de-escalation and negotiations to address the underlying issues and work towards a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The international community, including key stakeholders and regional powers, must exert their influence to promote dialogue, support humanitarian efforts and advocate for a peaceful and sustainable future for all parties involved.

Some American strategists believe that there should be an end to incursions into the Al Aqsa Mosque, rejecting any bids that hinder the prospects of achieving the desired peace; otherwise, this would yield to negative repercussions on the security and stability of the entire region.

Jordan has consistently demonstrated its commitment to protecting and caring for the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem. It has undertaken significant maintenance and reconstruction projects of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, guided by the Hashemite custodianship over these revered sites. These efforts aim to preserve the identity of the Holy City, strengthen the steadfastness of the people of Jerusalem and safeguard the rights of Muslims and Christians to practice their religious rituals.

Jordan views this historical responsibility as part of its legacy inherited from King Abdullah II's grandfather, Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, who responded to the call of the people of Palestine over a century ago. In line with this legacy, Jordan stands alongside its Christian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, working diligently to preserve their churches and confront any violations and attacks on them. 

This King stressed the need to take concrete steps to address the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people. The establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, is not only a matter of justice, but also a prerequisite for achieving lasting peace in the region.

The meeting between King Abdullah and President Biden serves as a pivotal moment for advancing the Palestinian cause. It is an opportunity to rally international support and solidarity in fulfilling the rights of the Palestinian people. Jordan, with its historical responsibility and unwavering commitment, continues to play a crucial role in preserving the sanctity of Jerusalem, protecting its religious diversity, and championing a just and peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

As the era of the Hashemite prophetic message endures, Jordan stands resolute in its support for the Palestinian cause. The path to peace and justice requires collective efforts and a firm commitment to upholding the rights of the Palestinian people. The international community must seize this moment to stand united in support of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, bringing us closer to a future of harmony and coexistence for all.

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