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Amer Al Sabaileh
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Sep 25,2022
It is an uncontested reality that Jordan is facing many local challenges, including poverty, unemployment and corruption.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Sep 11,2022
In recent weeks, there has been an increased number of terrorist attacks in the region, particularly in Afghanistan, where frequent attacks are being conducted against local targets and more recently Russian targets.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Aug 28,2022
Since the last Iraqi election, Muqtada Al Sadr, the powerful Iraqi Shia cleric, is emerging as the actual game changer on the Iraqi political scene.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Aug 14,2022
With Iraq falling into political chaos, the issue of pro-Iranian groups and militias is back on the surface again.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Aug 08,2022
The killing of the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri this week is not a surprise. His health has been in decline for many years and Al Qaeda has not been the main protagonist in the terrorist scene lately either.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jul 31,2022
Jordan has recently issued several official statements regarding Iran. From accusations of sponsoring militias that represent a threat to Jordan’s national security to messages that seek to contain the relations with Iran.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jul 17,2022
Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Iran a week after the visit of the American President Biden to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Although Kremlin referred to Putin’s forthcoming visit to Iran involving trilateral meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey, the so-called
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jul 03,2022
While Jordan has been dealing with the crisis in Syria and Iraq, and the subsequent issues spilling over its borders, such serious threats should not distract decision makers from addressing issues like social unrest, domestic tension and the fundamental risks of internal instabi
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 26,2022
In his first regional visit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), or MBS, is paving the way for his regional vision with stops in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 12,2022
Kazakhstan took a very important step towards political reform last week after approving constitutional amendments laid out by an absolute majority in a referendum.This can be seen as a very progressive response to the widespread unrest of last January that gripped the oil-rich c



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