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Anders Åslund
By Anders Åslund - Jun 14,2023
 STOCKHOLM — As Ukraine’s counteroffensive gets underway, Western countries must help liberate all Ukrainians living under Russian occupation. But Western assistance must not end once Russia is defeated.
By Anders Åslund - Oct 12,2022
STOCKHOLM  —  Thanks to Western arms deliveries, Ukrainian forces are celebrating one battlefield victory after another. But Ukraine faces another serious threat: high inflation.
By Anders Åslund - Sep 22,2022
STOCKHOLM  —  Skyrocketing energy prices are a disaster for the European economy and its politicians. But given how feckless European energy policies have been, the economic pain they have caused should surprise no one.European politicians must rethink their approach.
By Anders Åslund - May 26,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — The great French historian Fernand Braudel taught us to look for the underappreciated long waves (longue durée) in history.
By Anders Åslund - Apr 24,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Just a few years ago, investment bankers were bullish on emerging markets, which they saw as undervalued and bound to rise.
By Anders Åslund - Mar 14,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — On Monday, February 24, with stock markets close to all-time highs, the world was suddenly thrown into a financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And ever since, international leaders have been making the worst of a bad situation.
By Anders Åslund - Sep 08,2018
STOCKHOLM — Wars are expensive, as the Russian people are now learning.
By Anders Åslund - Oct 28,2017
In 1984, just before Mikhail Gorbachev’s ascent to power, there was a sense in Moscow that the Soviet Union was petrified, and nothing could change.
By Anders Åslund - Sep 21,2017
Ukraine’s capital abounds with signs of hope and anarchy.
By Anders Åslund - Jul 01,2017
Under President Vladimir Putin, cronyism has replaced Russia’s once-burgeoning capitalism.If Putin lives by any motto, it is this: “To my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.”In his 2000 “autobiography” “First Person”, Putin reveals what “counts most” to him.“I have a lot



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