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Anders Fogh Rasmussen
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Apr 11,2021
COPENHAGEN — One of the existential challenges facing the free world today is its disunity over emerging technologies.
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Apr 11,2019
COPENHAGEN — NATO marks two anniversaries this year: the 70th anniversary of its founding, and the 20th anniversary of its first expansion behind the former Iron Curtain.
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Jul 25,2016
No matter how much some US presidential candidates may deride free trade, it remains the backbone of the American economy.
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Jan 31,2016
The European Union is highly dependent on foreign oil.
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Nov 04,2015
Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is one of the great tragedies of our time, not only because of the tremendous human cost, but also because it is utterly pointless.Indeed, Russia’s leaders fundamentally misjudged the West’s intentions and created an entirely unnecessary confro
By Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Feb 15,2014
An American ship sailing into a Spanish naval base this week is making history.


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