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Ayoub Abu Dayyeh
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Apr 03,2024
Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of our times. It refers to long-term alterations in temperature, precipitation, and other atmospheric conditions on Earth.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Mar 19,2024
 The Earth’s climate is rapidly changing, with rising global temperatures being one of the most prominent indicators of this transformation.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Mar 14,2024
Safety and security are crucial factors that can significantly contribute to higher level of happiness within a country.  In countries with lower crime rates and effective law enforcement, such as that in Jordan, citizens experience less fear of crime and violence.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Feb 19,2024
To make people happy in a community was the “purpose of life” in some philosophies since ancient times.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Feb 14,2024
Happiness is a positive emotional state characterised by feelings of contentment, joy, satisfaction and well-being.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Feb 11,2024
Noise pollution, often referred to as sound pollution, is a pervasive environmental issue characterised by the presence of excessive, irritating, annoying, unnatural, unwanted, or disruptive sounds in the environment.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Feb 04,2024
Soil is a vital natural resource that sustains life on our planet. It serves as the foundation for habitats, agriculture, food, resources, nutrients and biomass.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jan 29,2024
Sustainable development is concerned with answering the question: What do we do to ensure that the human race maintains an acceptable comfort, happiness, health and psychological state for as long as possible?In order to answer the question, we must take into account the state of
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jan 18,2024
Thermal pollution is a growing environmental concern with profound effects on aquatic ecosystems and the delicate balance of our planet’s natural systems.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jan 04,2024
According to a report issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), countries in the Middle East and regions in Central Asia will face dire economic and financial consequences if adequate measures are not taken to mitigate emissions and adapt to the worsening climate crisis ye



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