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Daniel Gros
By Daniel Gros - Jul 24,2021
BRUSSELS — With Europe finally beginning to catch up to the United States in vaccinating its population, both sides of the Atlantic seem set for a strong economic recovery.
By Daniel Gros - Jun 09,2021
BRUSSELS — Trade is recovering robustly alongside the upticks in growth in major economies. This good news deserves more attention. Less than 12 months ago, many observers were predicting an end to globalisation.
By Daniel Gros - May 10,2021
BRUSSELS — US President Joe Biden recently gathered 40 world leaders for a summit on combating climate change, a welcome sign of progress on forging a global strategy. But tackling global warming is a marathon, not a sprint.
By Daniel Gros - Jan 08,2020
BRUSSELS — The beginning of a new year, and the start of a new decade, is a good time for longer-term reflection on economic policy.
By Daniel Gros - Dec 08,2019
LONDON — With former German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen assuming the presidency of the European Commission, the European Union now has a new executive.
By Daniel Gros - Oct 28,2019
BRUSSELS — Economic policy discussions in Europe used to be dominated by the number three, namely the 3-per cent-of-GDP upper limit on national fiscal deficits.
By Daniel Gros - Sep 07,2019
BRUSSELS — Central banks aim for price stability, and today, prices are largely stable across much of the developed world. Yet, central bankers declare themselves unsatisfied.


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