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Erik Berglof
By Erik Berglof - Nov 23,2019
LONDON — Europe needs a robust and agile development bank that can cooperate with, but also challenge, the Chinese institutions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and the United States’ newly reinforced development agencies.
By Erik Berglof - Aug 22,2019
LONDON — The Swedish climate truthsayer Greta Thunberg has set sailfor the United States in a zero-emissions racing yacht to generate waves in a different part of the world, including at next month’s United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York.
By Erik Berglof - Dec 27,2018
BEIJING — Since beginning its reform and opening up 40 years ago this month, China has been a very good student. And now, after four decades of rapid development, the country is increasingly presenting itself as a teacher.
By Erik Berglof - Jan 02,2017
The recent terror attack on Berlin’s Christmas market — which killed 12 and injured more than 50 — cast a pall over this year’s holiday celebrations across Europe.Viewed from Tunis, where I happened to be during the fallout, the attack has also had a major, albeit different, impa


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