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Fares Braizat
By Fares Braizat - Mar 23,2019
In 2018 alone, the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) and its renowned counterterrorism squad thwarted 62 terrorist operations abroad and 32 internally. This is a conviction-based global service.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 16,2019
The issue of concern to us today is that Jordan’s social capital indicators have declined significantly to an alarming low edge.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 09,2019
Persuasive engagement with power brokers in Washington is vital to Jordan’s interests, stability and survival. Washington is not the only capital that is important to Jordan, but it is the most important capital.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 02,2019
The messages of the London conference, “Jordan: Growth and Opportunities”, ought to reach “all” ordinary Jordanians in their towns and villages, and must not remain largely a “globalised elite” affair.
By Fares Braizat - Feb 23,2019
As the “debate” on what constitutes a liberal or a conservative in the Jordanian context continues, it is essential to engage their stands on the economy, whether real or imagined.
By Fares Braizat - Feb 16,2019
Deceitful labels of liberal and conservative in Jordan seem to be misleading everyone, including those self-proclaimed liberals and conservatives.
By Fares Braizat - Feb 09,2019
Since His Majesty King Abdullah ascended to the throne in 1999, Jordan’s GDP has grown from less than $10 billion to around $40 billion today.
By Fares Braizat - Feb 02,2019
Israel and Iran pose serious threats to regional security from the Arab public opinion’s perspective. While the second spot used to be occupied by the US, it has now been replaced by Iran.
By Fares Braizat - Jan 26,2019
The good news: The Jordanian public opinion continuously proves its rationality over emotional hype.
By Fares Braizat - Jan 12,2019
Recent shuttle diplomacy by American envoys in the region aims at solidifying a new regional order to confront Iran’s influence and expansionist policies.



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