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Fares Braizat
By Fares Braizat - Jan 05,2019
This title is not mine. It is by Daniel J.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 29,2018
A country is only as resilient as its people.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 22,2018
It is alarming when nearly a third of adult Jordanians express a desire to emigrate, and a quarter of those who want to emigrate have taken action to realise their desire.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 15,2018
The Arab League will be facing a serious challenge in inviting Syria back to the Arab League 30th Summit to be held in Tunis in March 2019.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 08,2018
Jordan and the international community should embrace having to deal with over 50 per cent of Syrian refugees in Jordan who will not go back.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 01,2018
A total of 43,000 Facebook users engaged digitally in the call for the November 30 collective action protest.
By Fares Braizat - Nov 24,2018
More than one-third of adult Jordanians expressed their intention and desire to emigrate in 2018, up from 16 per cent in 2011, according the Arab Opinion Index.
By Fares Braizat - Nov 17,2018
Unfortunate as it may be, at the masses-level only 0.8 per cent of Jordanians named Iraq as “the closest ally” of Jordan in a recent survey by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions.
By Fares Braizat - Nov 10,2018
Despite the deep sense of pessimism in the region about a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Israelis are proposing the “Tracks for Regional Peace” initiative.
By Fares Braizat - Nov 03,2018
Managing the aftermath of the tragic incident of October 25 near the Dead Sea points to a few strengths and some structural weaknesses. The strengths were demonstrated in the immediate post-catastrophe response of citizens, civil defence and military.



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