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Hans-Werner Sinn
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Mar 23,2021
MUNICH — The increasing risk of a return of inflation in the United States and Europe is beginning to galvanise debates among economists.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jan 24,2021
MUNICH  —  A storm is raging over the European Union’s failure to have ordered more of the approved COVID-19 vaccines ahead of time.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Nov 30,2020
MUNICH — The world took note when the German start-up BioNTech announced its breakthrough in the development of a new type of vaccine to combat COVID-19.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Sep 26,2020
MUNICH — In her first annual “state of the union” address this month, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirmed that the European Union, with its Green Deal, has committed itself to a new and pervasive form of government intervention in the economy.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jan 22,2020
MUNICH — Under President Ursula von der Leyen, the new European Commission has big plans to address climate change.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Nov 25,2019
MUNICH — Germany’s automobile industry is its most important industrial sector. But it is in crisis, and not only because it is suffering the effects of a recession brought on by Volkswagen’s own cheating on emissions standards, which sent consumers elsewhere.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Sep 18,2019
MUNICH — On September 12, the European Central Bank decided to launch, yet, another asset-purchase programme, with plans to buy 20 billion euros in new securities per month for an indefinite period of time, using the same structure as it has in the past.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jul 31,2019
MUNICH — Expectations, and, for many economists, rather bad ones, have been confirmed: the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to inflate the eurozone.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - May 27,2019
MUNICH — French President Emmanuel Macron thinks an overhaul of Germany’s economic model is overdue.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Nov 29,2018
MUNICH — US President Donald Trump is making an intolerable show of himself in Europe.



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