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Ian Buruma
By Ian Buruma - Sep 08,2020
NEW YORK — Seventy-five years ago, the prestige of the United States and the United Kingdom could not have been higher. They had defeated imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, and they did so in the name of freedom and democracy.
By Ian Buruma - Jul 13,2020
NEW YORK — For a while now, the most interesting critiques of US President Donald Trump and Trumpism  have come from the right.
By Ian Buruma - Mar 10,2020
NEW YORK – In September 1923, the Great Kanto earthquake devastated large parts of Tokyo, mostly owing to firestorms.
By Ian Buruma - Feb 10,2020
NEW YORK — Even some of Donald Trump’s Republican supporters in the Senate did not doubt that the US president extorted a vulnerable ally to help him get reelected in November by smearing a political rival. To be sure, they avoided using the word extortion.
By Ian Buruma - Nov 10,2019
NEW YORK — Siya Kolisi, who raised the Webb Ellis Cup for his country in Yokohama, Japan, early this month, is the first black man to captain the South African national rugby union team, the Springboks, in a game that used to be associated entirely with white South Africans.
By Ian Buruma - Aug 19,2019
LONDON — The recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, carried out by a young white man who had posted a hate-filled anti-immigrant screed shortly beforehand, has called attention to US President Donald Trump’s own rhetorical affinity for white supremacy.
By Ian Buruma - Dec 10,2018
NEW YORK — On May 9, 1950, when European countries were just beginning to emerge from the ruins of war, the French statesman Robert Schuman announced his plan to create the European Coal and Steel Community.
By Ian Buruma - Aug 07,2018
NEW YORK — After being cast out of the White House and Breitbart News, Stephen K. Bannon, often referred to as the mastermind of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has vowed to remake Europe.
By Ian Buruma - Jun 10,2018
NEW YORK — Roseanne Barr is an American comedian whose fictional TV character of the same name is a working-class President Donald Trump supporter.
By Ian Buruma - Nov 16,2017
Something many right-wing populists have in common is a peculiar form of self-pity: the feeling of being victimised by the liberal media, academics, intellectuals, “experts” — in short, by the so-called elites.The liberal elites, the populists proclaim, rule the world and dominat



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