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James J. Zogby
By James J. Zogby - Oct 24,2022
During the past month, Israel has held 800 Palestinians under administrative detention orders, expelled several Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem, seized more Arab-owned land from areas around Hebron and in the Jordan Valley, and instituted a lockdown of many Palestinian
By James J. Zogby - Oct 10,2022
In less than one month, Israel will hold its fifth national elections in four years.
By James J. Zogby - Oct 03,2022
When trying to understand how Democrats lost white working-class voters, four stories come to mind:- In 1984, both President Ronald Reagan, who was running for reelection, and his challenger, former vice president Walter Mondale, appeared before the National Italian American Foun
By James J. Zogby - Sep 26,2022
Several economic, social and political issues are important to the November midterm elections, but fundamentally the elections are about which party and candidate voters feel cares most about them and has solutions that address their most basic needs.Considering this, shockwaves
By James J. Zogby - Sep 19,2022
Here is a story I have never told before:I travelled to Tunisia in late 1993 to meet with PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat.
By James J. Zogby - Sep 12,2022
Back in the 1960s, Americans were deeply divided on matters of war and race, with Christians in America on both sides of the divide. While Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
By James J. Zogby - Sep 05,2022
I have been on vacation for the past two weeks. Unlike previous years, this time I cut myself off from work.
By James J. Zogby - Aug 29,2022
On a US Embassy-sponsored speaking tour in Yemen before its 1993 national elections, I met with the leaders of various political parties and heard complaints about the ruling party’s repressive and anti-democratic behaviors.
By James J. Zogby - Aug 22,2022
In 2020, I published “Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us and Why It Matters.” Based on our polling during the first decade of this new century, “Arab Voices” was an effort to lay out the myths that have shaped Western discourse about the Arab World, understand why those myth
By James J. Zogby - Aug 15,2022
Twenty years ago when Congress passed the bipartisan McCain-Feingold bill on campaign finance reform, many celebrated what they hoped would be a new era in US politics. There were limits set for individual contributions and those of political action committees.



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