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Joschka Fischer
By Joschka Fischer - Sep 29,2020
BERLIN — Between the intensifying Sino-American drama and the persistent COVID-19 crisis, the world is undeniably undergoing fundamental, historic change.
By Joschka Fischer - Jul 27,2020
BERLIN — After many months, the global economy is still reeling from the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic.
By Joschka Fischer - Jun 27,2020
BERLIN — The COVID-19 pandemic is entering its second phase as countries gradually reopen their economies and loosen or even revoke strict social-distancing measures.
By Joschka Fischer - Mar 02,2020
BERLIN — The year is still young, but its historical significance is already clear. At least as far as the West is concerned, foreseeable events in the coming months will have an overwhelming and decisive impact on the future.
By Joschka Fischer - Jul 31,2019
BERLIN — The first two decades of the twenty-first century are beginning to cast a long shadow over the Western world.
By Joschka Fischer - Jun 29,2019
BERLIN — One can only guess what US President Donald Trump hopes to achieve in Iran. Does he have designs on a “better” nuclear treaty than the 2015 deal from which he withdrew the United States?
By Joschka Fischer - May 05,2019
BERLIN — The European Union’s great eastward expansion in 2004 was a moment for hope and optimism.
By Joschka Fischer - Feb 28,2019
BERLIN — US President Donald Trump has proved truly disruptive to the transatlantic relationship. His questioning of America’s mutual-defence commitments presents NATO with an ominous and potentially existential crisis.
By Joschka Fischer - Jan 03,2019
BERLIN — From a European perspective, 2019 promises to be another difficult year, dominated by large challenges that could easily turn into menacing crises. Barring a major reversal, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union on March 29.
By Joschka Fischer - Nov 04,2018
BERLIN — Politically, 2019 will be an extraordinarily important year for the European Union. The United Kingdom is currently on track to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.



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