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Jose Antonio Ocampo
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Dec 21,2021
NEW YORK — In any other year but this one, economic growth in Latin America would give the region’s governments reason to boast.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Aug 15,2021
NEW YORK — One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s many complex legacies will be a high level of public-sector debt in most countries. This reflects governments’ increased spending to tackle the crisis, as well as the collapse of tax revenues as economies imploded in 2020.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Apr 03,2021
NEW YORK — The G-20 has agreed on a new allocation of special drawing rights, the International Monetary Fund’s reserve asset. This is great news: I have long considered the SDR one of the most promising, yet underused instruments of international economic cooperation.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Feb 28,2020
NEW YORK – Argentina has just passed a critical juncture with respect to its debt.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Jan 04,2020
BOGOTÁ — In the 1980s, Latin America endured a debt crisis so severe that the entire decade was “lost” to poor economic performance. Since then, other economies, most notably, Japan, have endured their own “lost decades”.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Jul 21,2019
NEW YORK — This month marks the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Bretton Woods agreement, which established the International Monetary Fund [IMF] and the World Bank.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Oct 21,2018
BOGOTÁ — Two major events last week bear directly on global debates about climate change and how to address it.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - May 25,2017
Latin America — and South America, in particular — has been in crisis for years. Yet foreign capital, both direct and financial investment, has continued to flow into the region.
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Sep 05,2016
The peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reached last month by the country’s government has received much-deserved praise. It is a historic achievement, one that promises to end more than a half-century of kidnapping, forced displacement, in
By Jose Antonio Ocampo - Aug 30,2016
Puerto Rico’s economy has been contracting for nearly a decade — one of the worst recessions in recent history among economies not experiencing domestic conflict.Indeed, its slump has far outlasted that experienced by, say, the Baltic states, which also endured sharp contractions



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