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Joseph S. Nye
By Joseph S. Nye - Mar 14,2024
CAMBRIDGE — Preparations are already underway at the United Nations for the 2026 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which was originally signed in 1968. Many expect a contentious event.
By Joseph S. Nye - Mar 12,2024
CAMBRIDGE—   With most Americans believing that the United States is in decline, Donald Trump claims he can “Make America Great Again”.
By Joseph S. Nye - Nov 03,2023
CAMBRIDGE — The term “Global South” is in constant use nowadays. For example, some commentators warn that Israel’s incursion into Gaza is “alienating the Global South”, and we often hear that the “Global South” wants a ceasefire in Ukraine.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jul 02,2023
CAMBRIDGE — When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with US President Joe Biden in the White House this month, many observers saw the makings of an evolving alliance against China. But such expectations are overwrought.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jun 01,2023
CAMBRIDGE — As the 2024 US presidential primary campaign season begins, the most likely final contest is a rematch between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Judging by the electoral map in 2020, Biden would be well-placed to win.
By Joseph S. Nye - May 04,2023
CAMBRIDGE — We live in a world where geopolitical stability relies largely on deterrence. But how can we prove that deterrence works?Consider the ongoing war in Europe.
By Joseph S. Nye - Oct 05,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s war in Ukraine is the most disruptive conflict that Europe has seen since 1945.
By Joseph S. Nye - Sep 22,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and nuclear saber rattling against the West have revived a debate about nuclear weapons.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jul 27,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine inherited part of its nuclear arsenal.
By Joseph S. Nye - May 08,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —   As Russian missiles pound Ukrainian cities, and as Ukrainians fight to defend their country, some avowed realists might say, “So much for soft power.” But such a response betrays a shallow analysis.



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