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Junaid Nabi
By Junaid Nabi - May 11,2021
BOSTON – When I was growing up in northern India’s Kashmir Valley, my physician father would often accompany me when I received my annual vaccinations. I used to ask him how vaccines worked and where they were developed.
By Junaid Nabi - May 27,2019
BOSTON — A few years ago, toward the end of his life, my father battled severe depression. As a physician and professor, he did not lack access to mental healthcare. But he had grown up in a society that stigmatised mental illness, and he was unwilling to seek professional help.
By Junaid Nabi - Feb 02,2019
BOSTON — The most frustrating part of my job as a public health scientist is the spread of false information, usually online, that overrides years of empirical research. It is difficult enough for doctors to counter medical falsehoods in face-to-face conversations with patients.


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