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Mark Leonard
By Mark Leonard - May 16,2023
BERLIN — The European Parliament elections are still a year away, but political parties across the European Union have already shifted to campaign mode.
By Mark Leonard - Feb 27,2023
MUNICH — Is sound, forward-looking foreign policy still possible? Talking to the statesmen, diplomats, intelligence operatives and scholars gathered at the Munich Security Conference last week, I had my doubts.Consider US-China relations.
By Mark Leonard - Dec 22,2022
BERLIN — Ukraine will enter 2023 with wind in its sails. Against all odds, it repelled Russia’s initial attempt to take Kyiv, then recaptured extensive territory around Kharkiv and Kherson, and inflicted heavy losses on the invading forces.
By Mark Leonard - Nov 22,2022
 WASHINGTON, DC  —  European leaders are breathing a huge sigh of relief following the Republicans’ failure to achieve a “red wave” in the US midterm elections.
By Mark Leonard - Oct 15,2022
BERLIN  —  A nuclear specter is haunting Europe once again.
By Mark Leonard - Jul 31,2022
BEIJING  —  Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine merely the first in a series of conflicts that will make Europe seem more like the Middle East in the coming years?
By Mark Leonard - Jul 03,2022
BERLIN  —  For seven decades, European integration has been driven by the quest for peace. But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Europe has found itself unifying in response to war.
By Mark Leonard - May 31,2022
BERLIN  —  “Davos Man” has had a grim 14 years. The late Harvard University political scientist Samuel P. Huntington popularised the term in 2004 to describe a new overclass of evangelists for globalisation.
By Mark Leonard - May 13,2022
Mark Leonard Say More…Project Syndicate (PS): In December, you predicted that the “defining fights of the twenty-first century will be about who has the power to make the rules.” With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this seems prescient.
By Mark Leonard - May 08,2022
BERLIN — The Ukraine crisis shows that the European Union has a problem with power. While its hard-power deficit has recently moved to the centre of attention, its philosophical and political shortcomings are an even bigger concern.



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