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Michael J. Boskin
By Michael J. Boskin - Oct 21,2020
STANFORD — Inequality has been seizing ever more of the public’s attention in recent years, reflected everywhere from papal encyclicals and economic tomes by French socialists to technical academic debates and the demotic language of politicians and pundits.
By Michael J. Boskin - Sep 07,2020
STANFORD — Like most of the world, the United States is attempting to overcome both the COVID-19 pandemic and a deep recession caused by the resulting government-ordered shutdown.
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 25,2020
STANFORD — The historically deep COVID-19 recession appears to have turned the corner in most countries. But current private and official forecasts, if correct, imply that most economies will not return to their previous performance peaks until late 2022.
By Michael J. Boskin - Feb 19,2020
STANFORD — With the US presidential primaries under way, everyone is wondering whether President Donald Trump will be reelected in November. Opinion polls show that the ability to beat Trump ranks high among Democratic primary voters’ top priorities.
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 16,2019
STANFORD — December is usually a time for looking back on the past year and forward to the year ahead.
By Michael J. Boskin - Oct 24,2019
STANFORD — A year from now, the United States will elect its next president. The stakes are high, and the outcome will reverberate across the world in a number of spheres, not least the economy.
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 28,2019
STANFORD — Recession fears are gripping Europe and spreading globally. Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union now seems imminent, and Italy’s government has just imploded.
By Michael J. Boskin - Mar 11,2019
STANFORD — With the first debate between Democratic candidates just four months away, the 2020 US presidential campaign is off to an early start.
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 30,2018
STANFORD — For many of the world’s economies, financial markets, heads of government and carbon policies, 2018 did not end well.
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 27,2018
STANFORD — The US economy is growing, inflation has finally hit the US Federal Reserve’s 2 per cent target, and unemployment is quite low, and at an all-time low for African Americans and Hispanics.



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