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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Apr 14,2021
President Joe Biden has abandoned the "America First" agenda of his predecessor in favour of "America is Back", meaning he is in the process of restoring traditional US policies and reasserting its leadership on the international scene.As far as this region is concerned, he has n
By Michael Jansen - Apr 07,2021
As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in court on Monday in his trial on corruption, bribery and breach of trust charges, a senior member of his Likud Party said a majority of members of the new Knesset would be vote for him to become president.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 31,2021
While the newly inaugurated Biden administration focuses on domestic policy, US-sanctioned China and Russia are expanding their influence and reach in this region.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 25,2021
This year's elections reflect the status of democracy in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 17,2021
Sanctions are a blunt tool used by the powerful to punish opponents but have been turned into a weapon of economic warfare by the US to harm civilians.Since Washington's Iranian ally, the shah, was driven from power in 1979, the Islamic Republic has been sanctioned by the US.&nbs
By Michael Jansen - Mar 10,2021
Lebanon's political, economic and COVID crises are ballooning while politicians continue to bicker over the formation of a government capable of implementing reforms that could deliver $21 billion in financial aid to rescue the country from collapse.Caretaker Prime Minister Hassa
By Michael Jansen - Mar 03,2021
US President Joe Biden insists, "America is back." He says the US has returned to the world stage as a prominent actor and leader after four years of absence and wrong-headed policies adopted by the Trump administration.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 24,2021
Cash is dominating the global distribution of life-saving COVID vaccines with rich countries commandeering the supply. Ten have administered 75 per cent of available doses and have ordered more than 1 billion doses more than their populations need.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 17,2021
US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to adopt gun reform laws, issuing a fresh challenge to mainly right-wing Republicans, who champion gun owners and the gun lobby.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 10,2021
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has departed from the globe's traditional practice of granting Israelis impunity from prosecution for war crimes and has decided to take action against Israeli perpetrators for expelling, brutalising, expropriating, imprisoning and denying t



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