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Mohamed A. El-Erian
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Sep 23,2015
There is a simple truth beneath the growing human tragedy of Europe’s refugee crisis, and the European Union cannot address the massive influx of exhausted, desperate people in a manner compatible with its values unless governments and citizens acknowledge it.Simply put, the hist
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Sep 11,2015
Oil prices have been heading south again, with a barrel of US crude recently falling below $42 — the lowest level since March 2009, the nadir of the global financial crisis.And while last year’s sharp price drop was heavily influenced by two large supply shocks, the current decli
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Aug 03,2015
From blaming him for the renewed collapse of the Greek economy to accusing him of illegally plotting Greece’s exit from the eurozone, it has become fashionable to disparage Yanis Varoufakis, the country’s former finance minister.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jul 25,2015
Steadily and indisputably, the financial services industry — with which we all interact, whether as borrowers, savers, investors or regulators — has embarked on a multiyear transformation.This process, slow at first, has been driven by the combined impact of two sets of durable f
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jun 29,2015
Dark clouds are lowering over Europe’s economic future, as three distinct tempests gather: the Greek crisis, Russia’s incursion in Ukraine and the rise of populist political parties.Though each poses a considerable threat, Europe, aided by the recent cyclical pickup, is in a posi
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 16,2015
Like many readers, I still vividly recall when Nokia was the dominant player in mobile phones, with over 40 per cent of the market and Apple was just a computer company.I remember when Amazon was known only for books and when dirty taxis or high-priced limousines where the only a
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jul 16,2014
Less than two years into Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidency, Mexico is implementing an ambitious structural-reform package designed to lift its economy out of a multi-decade low-growth trap and create new opportunities for its citizens.The reforms involve restructuring economic sect
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 24,2014
There seems to be no limit to the exciting possibilities that come from combining technical innovations, the Internet and social media.It is a phenomenon that has been revolutionising journalism and entertainment; and by helping to overcome coordination challenges, it has also ha
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Apr 05,2014
Some economists, like Larry Summers call it “secular stagnation”.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jan 08,2014
The United States’ reputation for sound economic policy making took a beating in 2013. Some of this was warranted; some of it was not.



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