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By Project Syndicate - May 06,2024
By Patrick Guillaumont, Abdoul Salam Bello and Arnaud BuisséCLERMONT-FERRAND/WASHINGTON, DC — Last October, at the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakesh, member countries emphasised the urgency of scaling up development fin
By Project Syndicate - Apr 04,2024
By Mubarak Al Kuwari,Richard Ponzio, and Sultan BarakatDOHA/WASHINGTON, DC – Cyber-technologies, especially artificial intelligence, make possible powerful new tools for problem-solving. But they also raise serious governance challenges.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 02,2024
Robert Skidelsky Says More… Project Syndicate (PS): Last year, you lamented the reversion of contemporary policy discussions to “the age-old stand-off between market-based supply-side economics and a supply-side approach rooted in industrial policy”, because it leaves out a
By Project Syndicate - Jan 28,2024
By Scott Barrett, Noah Kaufmanand Joseph E. StiglitzNEW YORK — Casual observers of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28) can be forgiven for attributing high stakes to the event.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 28,2024
Benjamin Schreiber, Richard Mihigo, and Ann LindstrandGENEVA — There was a global sigh of relief when the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared in May 2023 that COVID-19 was no longer a public-health emergency of international concern. But there is no room for complacency.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 18,2024
Raghuram G. Rajan Says More…Project Syndicate (PS): You have criticised monetary policymakers’ response to the 2008 global economic crisis, which had profound spillover effects to which they “paid insufficient heed”.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 17,2024
By Willem H. Buiter and Ebrahim RahbariNEW YORK — The European Central Bank (ECB) too often finds itself “behind the curve” of events, and we believe the blame lies with its decision-making process, rather than its institutional setup or personnel.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 13,2024
By Refik Anadol and Karel Komárek LOS ANGELES/LUCERNE — Although our age is defined by humanity’s disproportionate influence on the planet, we ourselves are undergoing profound changes.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 04,2024
By Mark Esposito, Josh Entsminger and Terence TseLONDON — What does it take to change a person’s mind?
By Project Syndicate - Dec 28,2023
By Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca BERKELEY — While this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai was mainly focused on the heated debate between countries about the future of fossil fuels, a delegation from the US state of California, headed by Govern



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