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By Project Syndicate - Jun 23,2021
By Johan Rockström, Marcia McNutt, and Brian SchmidtSTOCKHOLM — At the recent G-7 summit in Cornwall, Sir David Attenborough described the decisions currently facing the world’s richest countries as “the most important in human history”. He is right.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 23,2021
By Tian Johnson, Stephaun E. Wallace and Maaza Seyoum JOHANNESBURG/SEATTLE/ADDIS ABABA — When the United States began to roll out COVID-19 vaccines earlier this year, uptake in black communities lagged behind their white counterparts.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 21,2021
By Felipe Larraín and Pepe ZhangSANTIAGO — Once a peripheral presence in Latin America, China has become one of the region’s most important partners.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 19,2021
By Helen Clark ,Olusegun Obasanjo and Ricardo Lagos GENEVA — Fifty years ago this week, US President Richard Nixon declared that drug abuse was “public enemy number one” requiring a “tough on crime” approach in the United States and abroad.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 19,2021
By Werner Hoyer and Sabine MaudererBRUSSELS — Three decades after the events that lifted the Iron Curtain and sparked the integration of central, eastern and south-eastern Europe into the global economy, we are on the cusp of a new historic transition.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 15,2021
By  M. Niaz Asadullah and Mishhatur Rahman KUALA LUMPUR — As Bangladesh turns 50 this year, the country has much to celebrate. Its human-development progress has been exceptional compared to that of its South Asian neighbours.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 14,2021
By Jose Antonio Ocampo and Tommaso Faccio NEW YORK — Historic, game-changing, revolutionary: Such has been the widespread reaction to the recent agreement by G-7 finance ministers on a global minimum effective tax rate of “at least” 15 per cent for large multinational firms.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 12,2021
By David Miliband, Elizabeth Radin and Christopher EleftheriadesNEW YORK — Since the G-7 last met in August 2019, COVID-19 has resulted in 3.5 million deaths and economic losses projected to reach $22 trillion by 2025 — an economic shock 80 per cent greater than the one foll
By Project Syndicate - Jun 09,2021
By Efosa Ojomo and Lincoln WilcoxBOSTON — Africa is often regarded as a risky place to do business. There are success stories, like Safaricom, Flutterwave, and Kobo360.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 08,2021
By Anne –Marie Slaughter and Kazumi Hoshino-MacdonaldWASHINGTON, DC — The liberal international order remains trapped in the twentieth century.



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