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By Project Syndicate - Dec 01,2023
By Oyinlola Oyebode, Yureshya Perera, Tlaleng Mofokeng, and Sharifah SekalalaLONDON/WASHINGTON, DC/WARWICK — With the world’s human population expected to reach a staggering ten billion in the next century, the question of how to achieve food security looms large.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 01,2023
By Christopher Grundler and Ajay Mathur WASHINGTON, DC — The Paris climate agreement, concluded in 2015, has been instrumental in rallying countries around the world to commit to reducing greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.
By Project Syndicate - Nov 25,2023
By Ilias Alami, Jack Copley and Alexis Moraitis CAMBRIDGE/DURHAM/LANCASTER — From the European Union’s Green Deal Industrial Plan and the United States’ Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to Japan’s Green Growth Strategy and the Korean New Deal, industrial policies aimed at
By Project Syndicate - Nov 23,2023
By Chris Bataille and Gernot WagnerNEW YORK — Knowledge of the basic chemical process to make iron is older than the periodic table: iron ore + coal = iron + carbon dioxide.
By Project Syndicate - Nov 20,2023
By Robert Muggah, Tatiana Schor and Ilona Szabó RIO DE JANEIRO — Climate change and biodiversity loss are pushing the world’s vital ecosystems to the brink of collapse, with scientists warning that six of nine key planetary boundaries are already breached.
By Project Syndicate - Nov 13,2023
By Marisa Peyre, Justin Vaïsse and Peter Sands BRUSSELS — Science is crucial to improving pandemic preparedness and prevention.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 31,2023
By Ulrich Volz and Marina Zucker-Marques  LONDON — The urgency of tackling the developing world’s sovereign-debt crisis continues to grow.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 22,2023
By Lennie Bazira and Prossy MuyingoCLARKSVILLE, MD/KAMPALA At least 6 million women worldwide provide unpaid or grossly underpaid labour in community-health centres, often in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Many work as community-health workers.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 22,2023
By Svenja Schulze and Christina ChilimbaBERLIN/LILONGWE — Despite coming from vastly different beginnings, one of us comes from a fishing district in Malawi with one of the country’s highest adolescent pregnancy rates, the other grew up in West Germany during the height of the wo
By Project Syndicate - Oct 19,2023
By Kristina Skierka and Aisha Mohammed MussaSAN FRANCISCO/ADDIS ABABA — The fabric of our global food system is fraying under the strain of climate change and an ever-expanding population.



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