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By Project Syndicate - Mar 17,2016
Over the last few decades, oil prices have fluctuated widely — ranging from $10 to $140 a barrel — posing a challenge to producers and consumers alike.For policymakers, however, these fluctuations present an opportunity to advance the key global objectives — reflected in the Sust
By Project Syndicate - Feb 14,2016
Seven years after the global financial crisis erupted in 2008, the world economy continued to stumble in 2015.According to the United Nations’ report World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016, the average growth rate in developed economies has declined by more than 54 per cent
By Project Syndicate - Feb 06,2016
 US President Barack Obama’s administration recently issued an appeal for ideas to advance its “precision medicine initiative”, which will channel millions of federal research dollars towards efforts to tailor clinical treatment to individual patients.The idea of personalise
By Project Syndicate - Jan 26,2016
No doctor can forget his or her first patient with toxoplasmosis, a harrowing parasitic infection found in people with compromised immune systems, such as patients with advanced HIV/AIDS.After infecting one’s organs and brain, it causes an altered mental state, fever, shaking chi
By Project Syndicate - Jan 24,2016
We live in extraordinary times.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 21,2016
 Virtually everyone in the scientific community agrees that ensuring sufficient food supplies for a surging human population, which is set to grow by 2.4 billion by mid-century, will require serious work.Indeed, we have not even succeeded at providing enough food for today’s
By Project Syndicate - Jan 12,2016
In an ideal world, everyone, everywhere, would access the health services they need without having to pay more than they could afford.But is “health for all” — also known as universal health coverage — really possible, not just in rich countries, but in the poorest countries, too
By Project Syndicate - Dec 22,2015
Every advanced country has a bankruptcy law, but there is no equivalent framework for sovereign borrowers. That legal vacuum matters, because, as we now see in Greece and Puerto Rico, it can suck the life out of economies.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 12,2015
As price-gouging practices by a handful of drug companies attract headlines, one troubling aspect of the story remains underplayed.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 12,2015
So far, international climate talks have failed to find a mechanism that will successfully reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions.The 1997 Kyoto Protocol attempted to use a system of tradable quotas to establish a price on carbon dioxide emissions, but foundered after the United



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