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Ricardo Hausmann
By Ricardo Hausmann - Dec 02,2014
Many people find economic growth to be a morally ambiguous goal — palatable, they would argue, only if it is broadly shared and environmentally sustainable. But, as my father likes to say, “Why make something difficult if you can make it impossible?” If we do
By Ricardo Hausmann - Nov 10,2014
Gold is rare.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Oct 19,2014
Will Venezuela default on its foreign bonds?
By Ricardo Hausmann - Aug 20,2014
One puzzle of the world economy is that for 200 years, the world’s rich countries grew faster than poorer countries, a process aptly described by Lant Pritchett as “Divergence, Big Time”. When Adam Smith wrote “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776, per ca
By Ricardo Hausmann - Aug 04,2014
Poor countries export raw materials such as cocoa, iron ore, and raw diamonds. Rich countries export — often to those same poor countries — more complex products such as chocolate, cars and jewels.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Jul 13,2014
Stories are most believable when they reaffirm our prior beliefs and assumptions.
By Ricardo Hausmann - May 04,2014
There is nothing better than fuzzy language to wreak havoc — or facilitate consensus. Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that philosophical puzzles are really just a consequence of the misuse of language.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Mar 16,2014
Fish do not know they are in water. They take it for granted.



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