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Simon Johnson
By Simon Johnson - Apr 11,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, measures were taken to prevent another potential systemic meltdown.
By Simon Johnson - Mar 08,2021
WASHINGTON, DC  —  In “The Great Realisation”, a compelling four-minute video, the poet Tomos Roberts (aka Tom Foolery) suggests a potential silver lining to the COVID-19 cataclysm.
By Simon Johnson - Nov 04,2020
WASHINGON, DC — The US COVID-19 crisis fits the pattern of President Donald Trump’s career with its serial bankruptcies.
By Simon Johnson - Oct 01,2020
 WASHINGTON, DC – There is a growing consensus that one or more COVID-19 vaccines will become available at some point in early 2021. Within a year, many people in the United States, and some other countries, will be vaccinated.
By Simon Johnson - Sep 01,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — To escape the clutches of a pandemic, a country needs three things. First and foremost, it needs a sufficient understanding of the disease, including how transmission occurs.
By Simon Johnson - Aug 23,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — To track the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, the United States is relying heavily on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) live virus testing at massive scale.
By Simon Johnson - Jul 01,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — COVID-19 infection rates are rising in much of the United States.
By Simon Johnson - Mar 02,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — The emergence of COVID-19, a new coronavirus, is a tragic public health emergency. The disease, one hopes, will be brought under control quickly, but the International Monetary Fund is already warning that economic growth in China may slow.
By Simon Johnson - Dec 31,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Three primary factors determine economic prosperity: Human capital (the population’s education and skills); physical capital (the amount and quality of physical infrastructure, including machines, buildings, energy and transport); and technology (scientific knowl
By Simon Johnson - Nov 18,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Since the end of World War II, the United States dollar has been at the heart of international finance and trade. Over the decades, and despite the many ups and downs of the global economy, the dollar retained its role as the world’s favorite reserve asset.



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