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Experiencing real Jordan

Feb 01,2016 - Last updated at Feb 01,2016

With the unrest in the region, tourism has dropped significantly and in towns like Petra, that rely on it for their livelihood, times are tough.

On our doorstep is a new Seventh Wonder of the World, a destination visitors come to, visit the archeological site and leave.

We want them to go further. To see, touch smell and taste the real Jordan.

“A Piece of Jordan” is a Petra-run initiative promoting locally made handicrafts and providing social tourism opportunities through eco experiences that bring the local life and interaction with the community to travellers.

It not only encourages people to come to Jordan, but also to stay longer, providing economic benefits for the community.

Wherever one goes in Jordan, one hears the phrase “Ahlan wa sahlan” — “You are most welcome”.

“A Piece of Jordan’s Eco Experiences” have been set up to welcome travellers into the homes and hearts of the people of Petra.

The legendary hospitality of Jordanians leaves a lasting impression. If at any time one were to return, one would not be a stranger.

To highlight the beautiful spirit of the Jordanian people, the eco experiences have been designed to focus on elements of everyday life: spending the morning with a shepherd and his flock, learning how to create delicious Jordanian food in the kitchens of local homes, sitting, eating and get to know local families, or participating in the annual olive harvest.

A line of Jordanian-inspired and locally made handicrafts is being created which will encourage visitors to buy local. The handicraft project also aims to encourage and unearth creative talents within the Petra community.

“A Piece of Jordan” is currently working hard to create partnerships with like-minded companies across the country, hoping that every guest in Jordan will experience this phenomenal country at its best.

Jordan gets painted with the same brush the media cover the Middle East.

“A Piece of Jordan” wants people to know the real Jordan, the Jordan where people of all faiths live together, a Jordan that welcomes visitors from all walks of life and ensures that they feel at home.

Through cross-cultural exchange, it is hoped that every visitor and local takes away knowledge and friendships that will help create a more understanding and loving world.

Everyone should appreciate the value and importance of his/her role in bringing tourism back to the people of Jordan.

Stephanie Altwassi,

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