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King accepts resignation of Razzaz’s Cabinet, entrusts it to continue as caretaker gov't

By JT - Oct 04,2020 - Last updated at Oct 04,2020

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday accepted the resignation of Omar Razzaz’s Cabinet, and entrusted it to continue as caretaker government until a new prime minister is named and a new Cabinet is formed, according to a Royal Court statement.

In reply to Razzaz’s letter of resignation on Saturday, King Abdullah sent a letter. Following is the English translation:

“In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Your Excellency Dr Omar Razzaz,

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

As the Cabinet has submitted its resignation, in accordance with constitutional requirements, I express my appreciation to you and your colleagues the ministers for your efforts in service of our dear Jordan.

My thanks to you and your ministerial team for undertaking your duties and diligently assuming your responsibilities throughout your tenure, especially during the extraordinary circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic — a period marked by integrated efforts among state institutions, through coordination and cooperation at the highest levels.

The values of selflessness and generosity were most evident in our society in this period, reflecting the patriotic national spirit of our Jordanian people, of whom we are infinitely proud. Jordanians stood as one in their unity and solidarity, with individual and institutional initiatives from the private sector and civil society reflecting the social responsibility we wish to see as a steadfast national approach at all times.

Praise be to God, Jordan worked in coordination with countries around the world to counter the humanitarian and economic ramifications imposed by the pandemic. The health and wellbeing of citizens were the ultimate goals for all the steps and measures taken, and those we continue to take.

Despite the Cabinet’s efforts in setting plans and programmes, and implementing priorities, it is important to learn from the mistakes that marked aspects of the response to COVID-19, a challenge unlike the world has seen in decades, with methods to address it being refined day by day, based on the latest developments.

As I hereby accept your resignation, I entrust you and the Cabinet to continue as caretaker government, until a new prime minister is selected and a new Cabinet is formed, and I stress the importance of working diligently during this period, because dealing with COVID-19 requires focused and persistent action, with ongoing measures being taken without delay.

I reaffirm my appreciation of you and your fellow ministers for all your efforts. You will always be worthy of our trust, and I pray that God Almighty protect you all and justly reward you for your efforts.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

Your brother,

Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein

Amman, Safar 16, 1442 Hijri

October 3, 2020”


In his resignation letter, Razzaz thanked His Majesty for entrusting him with the responsibility of government, outlining his Cabinet’s achievements since his designation in 2018.

Razzaz said his Cabinet devised action plans based on clear priorities and key performance indicators, in line with the Letter of Designation, noting that the government has succeeded at times and made mistakes as well, but tried to course-correct in service of Jordan and its citizens.

In 2019, Razzaz said his Cabinet managed to accomplish nearly 90 per cent of its priorities, including stimulating economic growth, attracting investments and tourists, and increasing national exports and job opportunities.

He also noted administrative reform measures and efforts to restructure government institutions, to reduce expenditures and streamline performance, in addition to steps taken to fight corruption and counter tax evasion.

Razzaz said COVID-19 had an impact on his Cabinet’s 2020 priorities, with safeguarding public health and wellbeing becoming the main goal, in line with the King’s directives.

Noting success in the first months of the pandemic to keep COVID-19 at bay, Razzaz said this gave the government time to build the healthcare sector’s capacities and increase medical and food reserves, while supporting sectors that were hit hardest by the pandemic.

Razzaz also listed a number of actions, based on national priorities, that will be left to the next Cabinet and Parliament to see through, covering further efforts to fight corruption, implement universal health insurance, ensure mandatory preschool education, attract new investments, boost consumer protection and enhance decentralisation.

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