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Man killed, two wounded, including Israeli, at embassy shooting — PSD

By JT - Jul 24,2017 - Last updated at Jul 24,2017

AMMAN — A Jordanian was killed, and another was injured along with an Israeli man on Sunday in a shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman, police said.

The incident took place at a residential building affiliated with the embassy in Rabieh neighbourhood in west Amman, a police statement said, adding that a police taskforce responded to the incident and deployed to the site.

The statement, issued by the media unit at the Public Security Department (PSD), said that the initial investigation indicated that the two Jordanians were at the residential building “as carpenters who had entered the facility in this capacity”. One of the two Jordanians later succumbed to gunshot wounds. 

“The investigation is still in its initial stage and a broader probe has been opened by PSD investigators to look into all the details of the incident and the public prosecution department has been notified,” the police said.  

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Wasn't at the embassy, it was in the same close area. Check latest story for more info!

Just want to remind Mr John McArthur what happened to one of the Arab leaders who publicly vowed his country will produce its own food , medicine and weapons , he is behind the bars . Mr McArthur do you think Israel , America and the West will allow an independent democratic Arabic State?

I think Jordan should punish Israel by not accepting their aid in water, helicopters or agricultural assistance. In fact, I think that Jordan should reject any aid coming from the horrible west that supports Israel, especially the USA. Afterall, the very smart and industrious Jordanian people produce and make everything they could possibly need to thrive and do not hand outs from western countries. They do not need any outside help from anyone. At least that is what I hear from the real smart Jordanian men in the coffee houses of Amman who wear very expensive European shoes and watches. When the going gets tough they find reasons to leave for European places with their ill gotten money scraped off the backs of Jordanian workers.

So this is where we end up at? A doctor affluent guy that is a landlord for a building in Rabieh gets shot by a "visitor" allowed to have a gun. This guy must be persecuted. Such scum low class soldier allowed to kill a doctor that has allowed the "visitors" to rent a building from him.

Samke I think you have misunderstand what I wrote , re-read it carefully please .

If the screwdriver is an offensive deadly weapon as WES claims why the alleged attacker was allowed to bring it in . Embassies security staff are not just an ordinary army personnel but they had intensive courses in self-defence and the murderer had many easier ways to tackle the situation without shooting two innocent persons. British police are not carrying guns but they are not shooting dead any assailant with screwdriver .what happened is a barbaric act .

Why does Jordan allow the Israeli regime to have an embassy there? Surely, given the continuing disgraceful and illegal conduct of the Israelis, all Arab nations should cut off contact with them?

The Embassy security staff shot the innocent Jordanian doctor dead as he was the only person on the scene seeing him killing the alleged attacker who had a screwdriver in cold blood . As far as I know a third of the Jordanian elite security forces are guarding the American and Israeli Embassies so why their staff are allowed to have guns inside or is it a matter of distrust !!!! . Reports saying that the Israeli Security Staff has only superficial scratches .

A screwdriver is a deadly weapon. Perhaps Mohammad Allawneh should consider how he might have reacted if he had a gun and someone was attacking his wife or son with a screwdriver. He hit to an artery can be fatal so self defence is clearly indicated.

Few facts are out due to a complete lack of press freedom and gagging policy in Jordan . Jordan Times please break this barrier and tell us exactly what happened inside the Embassy . Our hearts and deep thoughts are now with the family of the innocent physician who was just an occupant not normally associated with terrorism and a victim of irresponsible action by an embassy security staff idiot.

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